Photogrammetry: a technology that uses images of the photographed object to reconstruct their 3D shapes and spatial positions. This technology is used in many fields such as games and film, etc. With the help of photogrammetry, we can accurately scan models and objects and obtain high-quality initial 3D models in a short period of time, which improves the overall game development efficiency.

NExT Photogrammetry Lab: Studio-grade scanning environment that supports xFaceBuilder® digital character production pipeline developed in-house. xFaceBuilder® uses superb algorithm optimization and convenient tools to increase the efficiency of high-fidelity human face production and create a film-grade, flexible process that includes modeling, binding, and animation.

Photogrammetry Lab
Photogrammetry Lab

Technical highlights:

High-Fidelity Eyelash Geometry Reconstruction

Eyelash matting dataset
Digital character eyelash

Garment Simulation