NExT Studios , the youngest studio within the Tencent Games family, provides an innovative environment for developers with its core value of pursuing the “New Experience and Technology”. NExT applies creativity and cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality, innovative, and engaging gaming experiences for gamers across the globe.

NExT’s titles cover PC, console, and mobile platforms, including the gloomy hand-drawn Iris.Fall, the audio-based detective game Unheard, the co-op adventure Biped and the synchronous turn-based Crown Trick. These titles have won multiple international awards and nominations, including the Best Puzzle Game of Webby Awards, Honorable Mention in Excellence in Design of IGF, Indie Game of the Year and Gamer’s Voice of SXSW. Current projects include a sci-fi PvPvE tactical shooter game, SYNCED: Off-Planet, with the series set to be released on multiple platforms in the future.

In addition to game development, NExT continually commits to advanced technologies, such as real-time, high-fidelity digital humans and AI-accelerated content technologies, and explores further on all-scenario technology for future product impact. Along with a photogrammetry lab and a motion capture lab, it has established a highly efficient digital human production pipeline — xFaceBuilder®, and an optical motion capture based animation tools chain — xMoCap®.

By crafting new gameplay, creating new experiences and developing new technologies, NExT opens up possibilities and keeps pushing the boundaries for the future of gaming.

NExT: Boundless Play!