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NEXT Photogrammetry Lab




Photogrammetry is a technology that uses the photo of an object to reconstruct its 3D model and its spatial position.

This technology is used in many fields, especially in movie post-production. In recent years, with the advancement of technology and equipment, it has gradually been applied in video game production. Photogrammetry enables accurate scanning of a model's body and face to obtain an initial high-quality 3D model in a short time, which can improve the overall efficiency of video game development.





NExT Studios has been committed to exploring new experiences and cutting-edge technology with the goal of optimizing the video game production process.

NExT Photogrammetry Lab was built in early 2019. Compared to traditional 3D modeling, photogrammetry enables mass production of realistic characters at higher efficiency and lower cost.



The initial scanned model can achieve a photorealistic effect after being fine-tuned by 3D artists:






NEXT Motion Capture Lab


Motion Capture puts trackers on the key parts of a moving object. The motion capture system then captures the positions of those trackers and processes the data to get the 3D coordinates. When the data is recognized by the computer, it can be applied in various fields and industries.

In video game production, motion capture technology can greatly improve the efficiency during animation production and is critical to optimizing the development process. It can make animations with higher efficiency, lower cost, and better quality.

The Motion Capture Lab at NExT Studios has an effective motion capture area of 144 square meters and a height of 4 meters. It supports 1-4 actors simultaneously, which satisfied most motion capture requirements.



NExT Motion Capture Lab also creates an ideal acoustic environment by implementing soundproofing and sound absorption designs, which enables the Lab to capture motion and sound at the same time, thus improving the quality of data and reducing the cost of post-processing.

Soundproofing: Double-layered walls and insulated flooring reduce external noise by 30dB.

Sound Absorption: High-performance absorbers are placed all over the room to control reverberation time to ≤0.3 seconds at 70 dB.

Background Noise: Background noise is about 38dB.




NExT Tech Labs are already in operation, providing effective technical solutions for NExT-generation game development.



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