"I Will Find Out The Killer IF I Were There." Wait! Are You Sure?


After a brief delayed launch, guessing the release date and online interactive puzzle, the acoustic detective game Unheard is finally unlocked on the Steam Store at 13:10. The original price is 38CNY and the release discount price is 28CNY.

In Unheard, the player revisits the crime scene before everything happened and the case is re-enacted in the form of dialogue. You may choose to follow one charater and find out everything about him in this case and then collect all of the infomation on every character. You may also rely on your reasoning aptitude and switch back and forth between different characters to quickly grasp the key infomation. However you choose to play the game, you will always need to use what you hear to clarify the evidence and reveal the truth.


The Way You Tell A Story Matters!


Unheard offers an immersive interactive radio drama game experience driven by audio. The two producers are big fans of Guy Ritchie, Christopher, Nolan Ning Hao and Koki Mitani and they take a liking to their fragmented, polyperspectivity and nonlinear film narrative. Therefore, a good story often requires some extraordinary storytelling. For example, in tutorial, the player is going to meet a pair of twin brother, each holds a sinister scheme of his own. In the beginning, we will hear the statement from one of them and form an initial view of the whole story. But when it is told from another perspective, we then know that the previous story is far from the truth.

Another example is the Police Station in the third level. The player will hear a wave of characters appearing one after another, each with their own axe to grind. They all have different personalities and different behaviours. They may be cowardly, ruthless or even ghastly. The story continues to branch out and plot twists come one after another.

Unheard has been subscribed by more than 250,000 users at Bilibili, and has scored 9.8 and 10 points respectively in Bilibili Game Center and on Taptap.


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