Action-Platformer Bladed Fury Available On Steam


In the 19th year of Kang Gong calendar, Tian Chang’s great-grandchild Tian He was promoted as feudal lord, and he moved Kang Gong’s residence to the seaside. In the 26th year, Kang Gong passed away, and Mrs. Lu bore no children for him. 

——Records of the Grand Historian · Qi Family


Since then, though the country name was not changed, Qi was ruled by the Tian Family, and the historical period of “Qi & Tian” ended. And yet, the story of the 2D platform action game Bladed Fury, code-named NEXT 003, was just about to begin…



Slaying Monsters, Creating Your Own Jiang-hu

Based on the true history, and enriched with fantastical settings, Bladed Fury’s story begins with Ji Jiang, princess Qi, who carries on her shoulder an unrighted wrong and fled her homeland. On her journey as a fugitive, she gets acquainted with the ancient gods such as Hou Yi, Jing Wei, etc. and acquires the power of Soul’s Grasp before finally finds her way back to the Qi palace.

2D Ink-Wash Painting, 3D Combat Experience Bladed Fury introduces traditional Chinese Ink-Wash Painting style, mixes its unique charm with characters, scenes, and background stories. By means of sharp outlines, and bold lines and color, the action game is enriched with a stunning feeling of power. As for control, the light, heavy attack, combos, skill combinations, and other traditional 3D action game elements allow players to fully experience the captivating fast combats in a 2D game.



The development of Bladed Fury has taken 16 months. The core team is composed of 10 super fans of action games, who also participated in the development of numerous amazing games, such as Alice 2: Madness Return, Moonlight Blade, Monster Hunter World OL, etc. As the game is about to launch, let’s first hear what they want to tell us.


The games for people “at my age”

When our associate producer Rocher talks of the game experience of Bladed Fury, he often uses the phrase “at my age” (-_-||). Rocher thinks the game has flashy combats, a certain level of depth, and becomes easy when you get used to it. “At my age, people love the pops in late-90s, those games take a short time to play through and bring people pleasure pretty easily.”

Rocher was a super fan of arcade fighting games on MD and Three Kingdoms games. “Perhaps only players ‘of my age’ have ever played them. I guess the post-90s, post-00s have never heard of them. They were not games of stats, I’d prefer to call them a pure experience.”



”This game isn’t too bad”, says the programmer

Programmer Witt is an experienced SLG gamer, a veteran gamer of Stellaris, has played over 300 hours of Kerbal Space Program, and collected 1-6 deluxe version of Civilization… How did he manage to do that? Our Mr. Programmer says it’s not because he’s a master strategist, but because other games were too fast for him to handle. Well, programmers do love telling the truth.

In 2014, Witt started to work on indie games, which was why he quitted programming for JX Online 3. The reason was pretty simple: From online games, he couldn’t find happiness of childhood. “Indie games bring happiness to people with innovation, while online games shackle you with virtual connections among people.”

And how does he review Bladed Fury? “It’s not too bad, is it?” Should we keep this quote in our propaganda posters? What a modest programmer bro!



Drawing on the experience of Muramasa Rebirth? Far more than that!

As one of the developers of Until Dawn, Spiderman 1 & 2, Starwars, and other 3D AAA games, Bard may be the one in our team who feels least interest in Japanese art style. Despite the fact that Blade Fury learned a lot in graphics from Vanillaware Studio’s game Muramasa Rebirth, there are still profound differences between them.

“Japanese games have exquisite, tender art style and finer lines, but we add to our game a simplified structure, amplified with bold borderlines, to create a rougher and squarer outline and highlight a feeling of power.”

Our team not only drew inspiration from the style of Muramasa Rebirth, but KOF 97&98, Guilty Gear, Dragon Ball, and other games as well.



An Accountant-Majored Cave Explorer

The former accountant Ming learned everything in gaming through self-education. He admitted he used to make mistakes in doing accounts, and was totally unsuited for that job. He wanted to pursue a life he chose, so he found his way out through animating.

In addition to his work, Ming also loves travelling. But his travelling isn’t about scenic spots, goodies, or hotels, Ming actually followed a professional expedition team into untraveled underground caverns. Isn’t he a real-life Tomb Raider?



Indeed, such a sentimental guy is not fitted for careful reckoning. But sentiment alone is not enough, in order to prove his art prowess, Ming unlocked another achievement: crafting model kits. He designed a model kit for a Boss in Bladed Fury!



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