Nishan Shaman is Available Now in the App Store Worldwide!


Nishan Shaman, a rhythm game from the NEXT Studios, is now available worldwide on the App Store!

The story is adapted from the classic legend of ethnic minorities in northern China, Tale of the Nishan Shaman, and is about a heroine named Nishan who uses her shamanic power to go deep into the Underworld, breaking through relentless difficulties for the heroic cause of recovering the souls of innocent children.



Beat the Sound of the Eastern Shaman, Hear the myth of the soul-seeking Nishan

In the story of Tale of the Nishan Shaman, the Nishan Shaman uses the shamanic drum in her hands to exert her divine power, slaying demons and monsters on her Underworld journey. The game takes full advantage of the “beating drum” mechanic, allowing players to advance the story within the rhythm of the music.

Gameplay combines musical rhythm and narrative. The story is easy to understand, and the controls are easy to use. When the music sounds, a variety of demons and monsters will fly at the Nishan Shaman in time with the rhythm of the music. When the monsters’ eyes touch the shaman’s magical light barrier, tap or long press the screen to activate the defensive barrier and help the shaman shatter the monsters.

It’s generally recommended to wear headphones for music games and Nishan Shaman is no exception. The classical, ethereal ethnic music is not at all like simply catching beats, but more immersive.



Balance of Music and Story, Combination of Rhythm and Scene

To tell such a good story as the Tale of Nishan Shaman, there must be measured ups and downs in the plot, involving chapters that inspire people or break their heart. But as for the selection of songs, it can be difficult, especially for songs that express sadness. Sad songs usually with slow and weak rhythm make no sense for players to catch the beat.

Nishan Shaman tries to use the changing visual rhythm of the scene to give a greater sense of rhythm outside of the music. To greatly immerse the players in the Nishan Shaman’s journey, the backgrounds that could have been sketchy are made into a lively village, mountain river, rock cave, snowy mountain, temple, etc., allowing the Nishan Shaman to walk, run, boat, and stagger in the scene.


Shots of Nishan Shaman game scenes


In Nishan Shaman, the control area is set in the Nishan Shaman’s protective barrier. Spectrums of common blocks and long strip shapes become dragons, snakes, phoenixes, and other Taoist figures that fly at the Nishan Shaman. All kinds of unpredictable changes are meant to keep the player focused on the controls, while still immersed in the story.



6 Graduates Start from 0, 500 Version Updates in 5 Months

The members of the lead creative team are all recent graduates. Some are archaeology majors returning from abroad, some are ethnic minorities who grew up hearing the story of the Nishan Shaman. Although they had never made a game before this, their creativity has received the admiration of the Tencent Institute of Games’ “Kepler Program”. 

The Tencent Institute of Games tailored a training program to graduates, bringing the creativity of these six young creators to the NEXT Studios for 5 months of training. During that time, the developing team personally went to northeastern China to seek the shaman cultural village, learn about and observe the local villagers, and unearth authentic shaman culture. The experience laid the foundation for subsequent musical selections and plot design details.

After more than 150 days and nights, and more than 500 version updates, the game Nishan Shaman has finally been published. Whether or not the game is well received on the market, the young developing team has already made for themselves an account brimming with sincerity.



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