Project Siren

Project Siren was initiated by NExT Studios in collaboration with the leading tech companies including Epic Games, Cubic Motion and 3Lateral. Together we have successfully created a high-fidelity, real-time rendered, digital, female human character who can interact with audiences and is driven by a real actress.

Project Siren aims to push the boundaries of current digital humans by using cutting-edge technologies such as real-time rendering, facial expression capture, motion capture, high-fidelity 3D scanning etc. Siren brought in the advanced movie-industry tech to help the project explore the possibilities of high-quality, life-like virtual idols in the near future.

Eyes of Siren
Mouth of Siren

Siren was created by an international team of artists and engineers who wanted to challenge our ideas of what a synthetic human could be. Siren uses state-of-the-art real-time graphics and an unprecedented level of detail in her eyes, skin and hair. But she's more than just a collection of fancy pixels, she's actually being driven by a real human actress whose movements and fine expressions are recorded through a dynamic motion capture system built on the Unreal Engine.

Project Siren debuted on the stage of GDC 2018, where it received extensive attention and a favorable reception.

GDC 2018
GDC 2018
Behind the scene
Birth of Siren
I am Siren
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