Team17 and NExT Studios have today announced the release date for Crown Trick, which will arrive on Nintendo Switch and PC on 16 October. Redefining the roguelike genre with synchronous turn-based combat, monsters and traps only execute their moves as the player does, Crown Trick’s gameplay demands each turn is well planned to help players succeed. The game features procedurally generated dungeons so that no two runs are ever the same as enemies, puzzles, and abilities will vary with each attempt to escape the Nightmare Realm.

It’s your turn, and we suggest you use it to watch the new trailer

Waking up in the Nightmare Realm as Elle and armed with only a magical, talking crown to guide them, players develop their own unique combat style, choosing between active and passive abilities, items, and relics to suit. Mastering dominion over elements will also be a key pillar to survival, and upon vanquishing the high-level familiars found lurking in the Nightmare Realm, players will steal their skills and wield them as their own in their journey to escape.

Crown Trick key features:

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Assets are available to download from: INSERT BIT.LY link to Sharepoint.

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NExT Studios aims to make differentiated, high quality and reputable games via multiple approaches including but not limited to original idea incubation, advanced technology application as well as external collaboration. We experiment with new designs, create new experiences, research new technologies, work across platforms and game genres, to explore future possibilities in gaming as a unique media and keep pushing the boundaries. Visit for more info.

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Crown Trick exits the labyrinth next month
The turn-based roguelike is set to launch on Nintendo Switch™ & PC on 16 October
By NExT Studios

São Paulo, Brazil, 26 October 2021 – Metal Revolution, the cyberpunk fighting game developed by NExT Sutdios and published by Gtarcade, holds its world premiere launch today in South America. The game is now available for download in South America and Mexico on Android and iOS.

As a next-gen mecha fighting game developed for PC, consoles and mobile, Metal Revolution will be fully launched in other regions of the world in the first half of next year.

What to expect in Season 1?

Season 1 starts on October 26th and will last for 2 months. Players can grind their way to the top of the ranked ladder to earn limited skins and multiple rewards.

There are altogether 7 ranks, each of which consists of 5 tiers expect for the top one, Legend. Specific rewards are listed below:

There will be 14 playable heroes in Season 1 for players to acquire and fight with. From martial artists to fully armed mechas, each hero has a unique set of abilities and fighting style and offers a distinctive backstory.

Sign in and pre-register to earn rewards

There are also a series of events going live today to celebrate the official launch:

I. Sign-in event for new players: Sign in for 8 consecutive days to earn 5,500 Gems, 10 Epic Dimension Keys, 10 Legendary Dimension Keys and a small amount of Coins;

II. Pre-registration event: Complete pre-registration to get rare skin: Reigning Champ, pre-registered exclusive avatar, hundreds of Gems, hundreds of Coins and an Epic Dimension Key.

Now there are already 5 million players who have completed pre-registration. Among them, 4 million players are in South America.

More to come: the regional championship

In June this year, a show match of Metal Revolution was held live, joined by YouTubers Lipaogamer, Skorpion Gamer and GB12, as well as Twitch streamers RobertoCein, Elded, Komanche, Anatamez and Carlosdleon.

The show match was online on 5 channels including Youtube/Facebook/Twitch/Nimo/TT in Portuguese, and Twitch/Tiktok in Spanish.

Metal Revolution also sponsored Evo 2021 Online. The Evolution Championship Series is an annual esports event that focuses exclusively on fighting games.

Gtarcade further reveals roadmap and rules of the game's first ever official regional championship, the Metal Revolution Star Series. Star Series will begin in LATAM region in early 2022 and continues its footprint across the world until the final global championship around mid 2022.

About NExT Studios

NExT Studios aims to make differentiated, high quality and reputable games via multiple approaches including but not limited to original idea incubation, advanced technology application as well as external collaboration. We experiment with new designs, create new experiences, research new technologies, work across platforms and game genres, to explore future possibilities in gaming as a unique media and keep pushing the boundaries.

About Gtarcade

Gtarcade is a global game publisher with products launched in 200 different countries and territories across Asia, Europe and the US. Its popular titles include Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, the League of Angels series and Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac.

Gtarcade is the global publishing branch of YOOZOO Games, a leading interactive entertainment provider specializing in mobile game development and distribution. With more than 1 billion registered users worldwide, YOOZOO Games is a Top 50 global publisher named by App Annie's 2021 Level Up Top Publisher Awards.


1. Metal Revolution-Inari-Cyber Phantom
2. Metal Revolution-Inari-Summer Retreat
3. Metal Revolution-Jamal-The Patriot
4. Metal Revolution-Xophi-IX
Metal Revolution Open Beta Test Announced in South America
Rare skins, Gems and Coins, regional championship, and more to come
By NExT Studios