Team17 and NExT Studios have today announced the release date for Crown Trick, which will arrive on Nintendo Switch and PC on 16 October. Redefining the roguelike genre with synchronous turn-based combat, monsters and traps only execute their moves as the player does, Crown Trick’s gameplay demands each turn is well planned to help players succeed. The game features procedurally generated dungeons so that no two runs are ever the same as enemies, puzzles, and abilities will vary with each attempt to escape the Nightmare Realm.

It’s your turn, and we suggest you use it to watch the new trailer

Waking up in the Nightmare Realm as Elle and armed with only a magical, talking crown to guide them, players develop their own unique combat style, choosing between active and passive abilities, items, and relics to suit. Mastering dominion over elements will also be a key pillar to survival, and upon vanquishing the high-level familiars found lurking in the Nightmare Realm, players will steal their skills and wield them as their own in their journey to escape.

Crown Trick key features:

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Assets are available to download from: INSERT BIT.LY link to Sharepoint.

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Crown Trick exits the labyrinth next month
The turn-based roguelike is set to launch on Nintendo Switch™ & PC on 16 October
By NExT Studios

The joint research paper on cloth simulation from NExT Studios and Professor Xiaogang Jin’s team of Zhejiang University State Key Lab of CAD & CG, “Predicting Loose-Fitting Garment Deformations Using Bone-Driven Motion Networks”, will be presented in the SIGGRAPH 2022 conference, and the demonstration has also been selected by the Technical Paper Preview collection of the conference. Fast forward to 3:10 to have a look!

Clothing plays an important part in a digital character’s appearance. The dynamic deformation of loose clothing can help express a character’s emotions and show their personality, such as the floating, swirling, and falling of a dancing character's skirt. Cloth animation is an important subject in computer graphics. Tight clothes usually fit snugly to the surface muscles of the body and can be approximately driven based on the skeleton’s movement. However, loose clothes usually have a certain distance from the body, and the combined actions of external forces and various body movements will result in complex deformation and collision. Consequently, there have been no good real-time solutions.

This research improves upon the current real-time cloth simulation method of loose clothing based on deep learning, which helps to improve the real-time animation quality and artistic expression of digital human and in-game characters. In the upcoming SIGGRAPH 2022 online conference, which will be held in early August, we will introduce this cloth simulation technology in detail. See you then and look forward to its coming!

Zhejiang University State Key Lab of CAD & CG

Founded in 1992, it is a world-class computer graphics laboratory established as part of the National Seventh Five-Year Plan. This institution is mainly engaged in the basic theory, algorithms, and related application research of computer-aided design and computer graphics. Over the past two decades, relying on the disciplines of computer, mathematics, and machinery of Zhejiang University, the laboratory has undertaken and led a number of major national scientific research projects and international cooperation projects, and in doing so, it has made a number of important achievements in the basic research and system integration of computer-aided design and graphics.

Professor Xiaogang Jin

Professor and doctoral supervisor of Zhejiang University’s College of Computer Science and Technology. He is a chief scientist of the "13th Five-Year Plan" national key research and development program, the director of the ZJU-Tencent Game Joint Lab for Intelligent Graphics Innovation Technology, the chairman of the Zhejiang Virtual Reality Industry Alliance, the vice chairman of the Virtual Reality and Visualization Special Committee of the Chinese Computer Federation, and a distinguished expert from Qianjiang, Hangzhou. He has published more than 140 articles in ACM TOG (Proc. of Siggraph), IEEE TVCG, and other key international academic journals, and has been awarded many accolades both in China and abroad.

SIGGRAPH 2022 Technical Papers Preview Seal Certified Be among the first to see it!
“Predicting Loose-Fitting Garment Deformations Using Bone-Driven Motion Networks” will be presented in the SIGGRAPH 2022 conference, and the demonstration has also been selected by the Technical Paper Preview collection of the conference.
By NExT Studios